At Sakeesoft, our EDI services include configuration, mapping transactions, customization, integration and implementation of Electronic Data Interchange for your business process automation. EDI enables the companies of all sizes to seamlessly integrate with their vendors for a quicker and unique way to interchange information related to their day to day transactions.

Sakeesoft offers EDI services for all facets of Supply chain; orders, invoicing, payment cycle, booking request & confirmations, acknowledgement, warehouse and transportation in short it will help to synchronized transaction data between vendors for getting an efficient objective of supply chain “To offer Right Product at Right Time to the Right Client”

EDI Benefits

  • Lower Cost : EDI reduces your manual documentation work and other related paper work associated with business transactions between vendors, as a result cost labor, paper and human error cost comes down.

  • Higher Efficiency: Electronic Data Interchange as the name suggest, data transactions happens within seconds and the vendor can immediate take the action to meet the demand.
  • Higher Accuracy: As human involvement is less in data processing, the error associated with human becomes somewhere equal to no, and hence higher accuracy is achieved.
  • Greater Security: Since numerous communication protocols associated with EDI transactions in an encrypted form enhances the security of transactions.
  • Greater Management Control: Having access to the EDI source code management can easily decide which EDI transaction to give priority and can further use it for business process enhancement analysis.