How Threating is Shellshock or Bash Bug?

The IT heads who are concerned about their company’s data security are having scary nights since September 24, 2014, the first security issue was disclosed. Those organizations who are on Linux, Unix and OS X are more vulnerable to security attacks.

How Much is the threat?

The attackers (Hackers) can gain unauthorized control of your System with arbitrary commands. This can be compromise for data theft.

Don't compromise your Data Security.

Don’t compromise your Data Security.


Now it’s up to organizations how soon they update patches to keep their system secure from external attackers. The initial patches released for Mac OS X is available at Apple’s Released Update with patches.

And our Oracle Teams have successfully updated the patch for our Oracle EBS and DB Clients, the day we got the release.

Here is the Oracle Release Oracle Security Alert for CVE-2014-7169

Many organizations be it MNCs or Mid-Small organizations , if they consider their data (Or customer data) have already updated the patch. What are you waiting for?

The Author Pralhad Malkhed is Senior Oracle Apps DBA from Sakeesoft.