Reasons behind Going Mobile in 2014

Mobile is everything and if you are not on mobile you have high chance of losing the race. In today’s Business race, the only and the only eligibility criteria is “You have to be on Mobile”. Some facts which states your 2014 Business Plan is incomplete if it has not considered the facts of “Going Mobile in 2014″

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1. Global Smart Phone Users to Touch 1.75 billion Mark in this 2014
2. Global Penetration of Mobile Users has touched 63% of the Global Population
3. Mobile Sales has overtaken desktop Sales
4. Mobile Internet Usage will surpass Desktop Internet Usage in this 2014
5. Average Smart Phone Users Checks his phone 100 times a day
6. 43% of the Business Mails are accessed via smartphones
7. 70% of searches made via mobiles leads to sales
8. 60% of the successful companies offer their services at finger tips (Retail to Health)
9. 53% of the companies are looking to offer their services on mobile in 2014
10. Going Mobile early will take you miles ahead of your competitors

99% of The Next Generation Technology Will Be Operated via Smartphones

What is last app you used on your smartphone? Hope you are not reading this blog on your 3G enable Smart hand device. Almost for every major business and social applications there is an “App” starting from you day to day updates on facebook to important financial transactions on RBS. Even there are Apps available to take care of your Healths.


All these apps which evidence highest downloads per day gives the users the ease to get the things done which earlier they did on web and with smart UI and UX these apps makes the smartphones the real smart. With the global smartphone users more than 350 million units, and an average a smartphone user downloads 25 apps, so one can assume the huge market potential for apps three years down the line.