About us

Sakeesoft is an IT Solution and Service Provider, headquartered in Bangalore, India with it’s corporate regional presence at New Jersey, South Africa and Botswana. Incorporated in 2004, under the leadership of Industry veterans and well known Forward Thinkers and Thought Leaders, the company has grown up to 200+ employees.

The Offerings

Sakeesoft is into Enterprise Application Services and Custom Solutions, it has partnered with Oracle and Microsoft to offer standard Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions across industry. Implementation and Support of ERP from remote/offsite contributes to the growth of the company year on year. Sakeesoft has also engineered and re-engineered many custom solutions which are successfully used by our Clients.

As a part of our broad offerings our offering basket have Enterprise Application Services, Business Intelligence (BI), Remote-DBA, Product Engineering Solutions and Mobile Application Development services.

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