NetSuite’s Suitecommerce Advance (SCA) gives your E-Commerce Business a new turn

The Tagline of Netsuite’s SuiteCommerce Advance (SCA) goes “Engaging Brand Experiences on Any Device” with release of SuiteCommerce Advance Denali release we are getting lot of queries from our Netsuite Clients. This Blog post will enable our Clients or anyone who is trying to understand What is new in SCA denali release.

SuiteCommerce Advance provides business with fast and engaging webstores or e-commerce portals that gives the user a next level experience in a very optimized way for mobile users. And additional , SuiteCommerce unifies core business operations by offering single platform for Order Management, Inventory Management, Financials, Customer Support and Marketing.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advance (SCA)

NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advance (SCA)

The Key Benefits of Netsuite SuiteCommerce Advance (SCA) are

1. SCA gives a new buying experience to the Gen Y – mobile users with cool and responsive UI which is meant for device of all sizes.

2. Life becomes easy with SCA and its single platform architecture for E-Commerce and Other Operational systems like Order Management, Inventory Management, Financials, Customer Support and Marketing on Cloud.

3. It Supports Multi Currency and Multi Languages that enables you to sell your products globally giving your buyers a local feel.

4. Your Buyers Do not troll on your Webstore, with semantic search results based on search keywords and phrases or leverage product attributes such as top sellers, top rated and new arrivals you can promote your products.

5. With new social sharing feature you can drive customers from major social media platforms maintaining a high level of engagement on social media.

6. Gives you realtime inventory visibility , the system automatically removes out of stock items from the webstore.

7. Buyers and Product enthusiast always prefer to buy from sellers which hears their customers , and with SCA you get efficient Rating and Review Section.

8. List Display, High Zooming on the product images, Quick View of items, recently viewed item, saved cart, filter by price and product categories available with SCA.

9. Case Management – this act as support desk , return authorization, order history, credit card management , wish list, Multiple payments options available with SCA.

10. Pricing Terms and credit limits can be set against different buyers for same items.

11. PayPal: Enables Shoppers to pay via Paypal.

12. Save credit card , billing and shipping information for quick checkout experience.

13. Seamlessly integrate with UPS & FedEx and other carriers which allows you to print shipping lebels, tracking numbers along with generation of custom documentation.

14. Provide Payment security with integration to common payment gateways for real-time credit card processing with PCI DSS compliance and multi-level fraud protection.

15. The most important one here in this list is : One Bundle: The organization and delivery of the main source code in NS was consolidated from 3 bundles (ShopFlow, My Account and Checkout) into one core SCA bundle. This gives faster implementations.

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