Whats your 2014 Business Plan?

The quarter is about to end, 2014 strategies and business plans are on desk, execution starts with beginning of 2014. Investors, Board of Directors, Chief executives and Shareholders have evidenced the fierce competition and the slowdown, but innovation and creativity made its Nine Million Units in just three days after launch, check out statistics of Apple iPhone 5s & 5c.

Buisness Plan 2014

There has been always a difference in strategy for product and service oriented company’s though similarities also prevail, choosing the right market, right services or bringing right product in the market at right time, pricing, deliveries, support etc has to be considered. And for those in the IT Services be it a product based or service based company they have to adapt strategies both in the long run as well as in short run, with taking steps with technology, since technology in the most inconsistent thing and strategies has go together or at the best parallel to it.

Sakeesoft being into IT Services and Solutions is all set to welcome its new Partners for IT Outsourcing relationship in 2014. We do offer our development and support services from our off-shore center in India. We welcome IT Companies for business alliances, you can write to us at sales@sakeesoft.com or follow us on LinkedIn for business updates

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