Electronic Data Interchange(EDI)


Sakeesoft supports all the major EDI Standards that enable companies to communicate with each other, regardless of their application Systems these Standards must be adhered to in order to preserve the foundation on which data is exchanged few of standard one.

ASC12- Changed by ANSI (ASC) * 12, develops and maintain interprets, publishes and promotes the proper use of electronic data interchange standards.

EDI FACT - UN/EDI FACT is the international EDI standards developed under the united nations.

XML- Extensible markup language

GSI-128 labels - standard labelling format with corresponding to Advance shipndtice (856).

GSI/EAN/UCC - standards for data synchronization established by the Global Data Synchronization Network.

Sakeesoft provides EDI Services -

       - Managed EDI Mapping

       - Translation and Testing

       - Supported EDI Standards