Drug Revenue Management (DRM)

Pharmaceutical Industry is looking for more holistic approaches to accelerate and improve processes and provisions for managing revenue and get relevant insights and information for decision making on drug revenue management. Sakeesoft’s Drug Revenue Management (DRM) will help you to track real time 360 degree performance of the drugs at various stages of Drug Life Cycle Management post FDA approval.

Drug Revenue Management is an Analytic Solution Framework by Sakeesoft which is used by top pharmaceutical companies in US. DRM can be implemented for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Distributors and Channel and Sales Partners. Integration with existing ERP system can be seamlessly done with Oracle E-Business Suite , SAP , Microsoft Dynamics and other major ERPs.

With Drug Revenue Management (DRM) you can have enormous benefits with for your organization overall. One can have eagle’s eye view on drug movement at various stages of supply chain, channel partners, geography and enable you to plan your competitive strategy along with Drug Revenue. One can track drugs at product family level which can be drilled to NDC level for better insights. Some Quick Interactive Analytic Reports readily available as standard DRM offerings are

  1. Top 10 Drugs contributing highest Revenues.
  2. Top 10 Sales Person and their contribution Drug wise.
  3. Top Quarterly Sales by Manufacturers , Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers.
  4. Date, Month, Quarter, Half Year and Yearly filters for various reports.
  5. Product view Geography Wise.

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The User friendly and interactive Dashboards, Graphical Representation and MIS reports has been developed for giving Drug Revenue Insights to the Management for strategic decision making throughout the Drug Life Cycle starting from FDA approval.