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It has been acknowledged that effective maintenance management can help organizations achieve effectiveness and efficiency in service businesses. Yet, there is not many organizations view maintenance management as a business function which offers business profit and competitive advantage. Indeed innovative and responsive maintenance approaches in the service sector are not being seen. This paper identifies the maintenance management practices in a case of academic institution in India – to explore maintenance management in service organizations.

The current maintenance management and major issues on maintenance are investigated by using in-depth interview and semi-structure interview. The case study reveals that the maintenance management is basis processes in enhancing its assets are available to support business operations. Inspection and assessment; and repair are more likely to be practiced, while cleaning, landscaping and security services are outsourced


Multinational Companies in a bid to increase their revenue and profit are now eyeing the emerging markets. Further, considering the saturation in the urban market they are now eyeing the rural markets in these countries. Lowering price by reducing the volume, customization, mass production are the strategies of the past, these companies have now come up with innovative strategies wherein they involve the rural population so that they help them in reaching to the customers in the remotest part of the country. Sakeesoft This case study is an attempt to study the strategies used by the companies to reach the rural population in India and Usa.

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