Case 3

Client- The Leading Indian Marketing Company


Client is a leading marketing company that sells defense and several other high end products. It requires tracking the marketing to sales cycle of a large duration project and maintains information about any communication made with the customer.


Sakeesoft designed and implemented a successful CRM solution known as Enterprise Contact Management (ECM). Tracking leads from point of generation to sales conclusion is a vision for many organizations. But in reality, most organizations lack the complete systems and committed practices to implement closed loop lead management today. To make closed-loop lead management a reality, and achieve the benefits of tracking leads from their point of generation through to their ultimate sales conclusion, analytic applications must be a critical ingredient in the formula. An analytic infrastructure common to both marketing and sales allows these two separate but related business units to track, understand, and manage lead management.

Technology Used

Database- MS SQL Server 2000
OS- Microsoft Windows 2000
Development- Visual C# (.NET Platform)